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I have the game installed on my Quest 2 but can only launch it through sidequest when my headset is linked to my PC. I cannot find the game anywhere on my quest 2.

Go to apps, click the box in The upper right corner scroll down to unknown sources

Great game on Quest 2.  Can't wait for the port of #2 to come.

Super hard, but always want to play one more game.   :)

does it really need quest because I dont want to pay for that and I also have a vr with an xbox conroller

how do i play

I paid for it and I cannot install the game through SideQuest. It says : 
"INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.sumalab.CrisisVRigade signatures do not match the previously installed ver... " 
Do you know how can I solve that issue? plz 
Thank you all 


I believe that means you should uninstall the previous version. I'm unsure if that means you lose any high scores or progress so only uninstall if you're cool with starting over.

Hey thank you for your answer. 
I realised that it worked anyway so it's ok ;-)

Do you really need VR for this?

i think so

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I've been playing this with a friend on Quest co-op, and it's amazing. I love the visual style and... basically everything about it. The sequel looks a little less like my kind of thing, but I've got a *teeny* wish for this version: I'd love to be able to see me and my friend's scores and kills either in real time, or pop up at the end of each section.

It'd keep things nice and competitive. We're always unsure who did most damage until after we've both died.

Does this one support 3 player or more players?

Sul sito della bhaptics dice che è compatibile x il quest nativo ma nel gioco non trovo l opzione per attivarla

i would like this on pc but it cost money on stream can i get this game for free :(

You misspelled Steam, but sadly, I don't think the dev can make it free

Quest 2 90Hz mode?

is there a pc version?

Sure :)


I see VRigade is available in the Oculus Store also. Which is the best place to download the latest and most complete version?


Both versions are up to date. If you have a Quest and sideload, I recommend to you the itchio (apk) version, it works very well and you only need the Quest to play.


Thank you so very much for your reply. 

excuse me. How- how for the love of god, do you play this game on quest? I tried everything (originally bought through itch) finally was able to DL using oculus browser but it doesn’t show up in unknown sources, only in place where it gives me option to delete. WhT am I doing wrong?

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Can someone tell me how to connect the game to the virtual reality glasses

You need to turn on allow other devices in the oculus settings

Really cool 👍


Pretty fun cover shooter. Core action is very clear, and I -love- the hand IK implementation, especially two-handed grip interaction.

I do think it's missing some core game design elements from similar titles, namely Time Crisis. I feel like there should be some rewards in the form of "time bonuses" which are essential to time attack gameplay.  Otherwise the player may lose motivation to continue on when time starts to feel like it's running out. So I think the player needs some way to have agency over the time limit constraint.

If you decide that a time bonus isn't appropriate for your design goals, then maybe give the player a way to bait enemies into exposing themselves -- either the ability to destroy cover, or doing "something" that forces the enemy units to move out of cover.

Good work though, it's looking great!

how do i open it, im using rift cv1

I can't open the game. It just downloads a white page thingy, and I can't open it. Yes I have Win RAR so it can compress files. 

Downloaded it multiple times but unfortunately i can't find it anywhere on the Quest. Only way to start is connect the Quest to SideQuest by cable or Wifi and start the game via SideQuest "currently installed apps" hope this will be fixed soon, this is a bit complicated.

Played it for about ten minutes and i think there are many more minutes to come!


you need to go to the “unknown sources” section, as seen in this image:

in the new menu it is more hidden, as explained in this video.


thanks for the tip, that explains a lot!

Well done! The whole family enjoys it on our Quest . Its our only VR rig and we wanted to show our appreciation for your development on Sidequest. Keep up the good work!!

how do i access the game and get onto it im on quest


You can find it on side quest.


how do you play the game is it some kind of game tab I open

In the "unknown sources" option in your library on the quest.


Awesome, downloaded for free then decided it was worth paying for.  Well done!  My children love playing it, but can't progress very far, can you add a super easy mode?



Wow! The trailer is Morpheus rescue in Matrix movie! Great!


Hi sumalab, what a great game! I always enjoy a lot and multiplayer coop is great, although I miss the possibility of talking to each other.

Also to mention that since latest firmware update v16, the game is no longer visible in Quest menu.


Had an issue using Paypal to pay through SideQuest for this game (wouldn't let me login with same credentials Chrome just did) so I used my credit card.  Just want to be sure you get paid what you are due for this amazing game!

great game! very tough and unforgiving, but fast-paced, humorous and fun! the first game that made me crouch and almost crawl on my living room’s floor. 😄

i love the “name your own price” policy, as it allows to first test the game before paying.

i could not make voice chat work in multiplayer mode. is it implemented? if not, it would be very useful to have.


I took delivery of my Quest a few weeks ago and this is hands-down my favourite indie game so far. I initially downloaded for free (I wasn't sure if I'd like it) but I've now returned to pay the going rate as I want to support the developers. Thanks for your creation and keep up the awesome work.

Awesome looking game. Unfortuantely no setting for left eye rendering on oculus quest. After development for left-handed folks I would donate, because despite this the game seems lot of fun.  Cheers.

How do you get multiplayer to work across platform (I am on a quest they are on a VIVE)? My friend and I can get into a game but we cannot see each other and we cannot see who the other one has killed. Plus if one of us moves on the other gets stuck at the previous stage.

Brilliant game just want to be able to play it with friends

Have you downloaded the latest version? Select both "private room" and enter the same name (agreed with your friend before starting the game). I that doesn't work let me know

Thanks for the reply - yes we have both made sure we have downloaded the latest version (through Steam and Sidequest). We are just using a simple code and we can both see each other in the lobby area. Then the level takes a little while to load but we both enter the first stage at the same time. We have tried both the bank and port levels and the same thing happens every time. We cannot progress and both have to kill all the enemy’s. 

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I had this problem when I was running v1.14 on Quest.  I made sure to uninstall v1.14, then installed v1.15, and now multiplayer works great! I've been able to play via private room with a friend who is also on Quest.  I also played with random people via random room, but don't know what headset they were on. 

It may be a nice addition if you could see the type of headset and where in the world the person is when you see them in the lobby.

I’ll double check - thanks for the tip

Got this working! WHAT A GAME!!! 

I have made sure I have V1.15 on quest but we cannot figure out what the latest version is on Steam and how to check the current version



Coop is amazing! Well done!


have you thought of local multiplayer so one plays on PC the other in VR?


Unable to download. Keeps saying 4 bytes needed 

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I love this game, absolutely awesome Time Crisis style action, but even better, because you have to physically move instead of pushing a pedal. A real nice workout, too, because you will duck and cover and sometimes even lie on the floor :) 

Multiplayer Coop is great, makes this pretty hard game a lot easier. With limited real world space, you sometimes have to rely on your partner, because you can't hit every enemy from every position. If you get stuck, well, you can create a  "game over" by shooting yourself or, if you have the space, move in real life.

We tried 2 and 3 player cross platform games, and after the patch it worked like a charm. Had a few great rounds with Steam friends. Now with Coop this is my No.1 VR Game.

Big  "Thank you", developers, for fixing the issues so fast in these trying times.

Can't wait for CVrigade2 on Oculus Link.

So, still a great game, but coop doesn't seem to work.

And sometimes some of the assets just appear as pink surfaces.

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Hey devs, I have been trying to play with my buddy in multiplayer but it's giving us an issue. He plays on PCVR steam and I play on Oculus Quest sideloaded.

We can see each other when we are in the main lobby screen, but as soon as we start up a mission we can't see each other in-game.

All the enemies are focus fired on him AND when I kill all the AI on my screen, he still can see them on his screen. When we did kill each of our own sets of enemies, he was able to progress to the next area. I was left stuck in the initial area only able to shoot the hanging panel to progress, but it did nothing at all.

I bought this game on here for $10 and then gifted my buddy the game in Steam for $10, with the intent for us to be able to play together.

This was the link I read it from

Hi, Thanks for making us aware of that. 

The Quest version is still in beta, so some bugs may come up. We'll look into it and try to patch it asap (crazy times now for developing though)

All feedback we can get is very useful for us.

Diego (sumalab)

I can give you a much more detailed explanation of what has/is happening with the quest to pcvr multiplayer. Let me know if you want it here or you have another means of communication.

I'm excited for the game and want to see it do well.

Please!, that would be very helpful. Here is our email:

Thanks in advance

I had the same problem in version 1.14, but after I uninstalled 1.14 and installed 1.15 the problem resolved.  Playing multi-player matches works great now!


hi, failed to install with error "A task failed. Check the tasks screen for more info. INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.sumalab.CrisisVRigade signatures do not match the previously installed version; ignoring!"

ok, solved.  need to uninstall the old version first.  tks

Did you improve reloading mechanic? I found it confusing and difficult in the earlier version.

...can has steamvr windows build? Pleaaaase?

Just supported these guys!



It's a very good game. I play on Quest.

Do you think it's possible to change buttons, because lot of game take the gun (or other things) with the middle finger button and the A button to relaod. I think it's like that on GUN CLUB or Arizona Sunshine,...Perhaps to have the choice in the setting.

Thank's for all.

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