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Crisis VRigade is a virtual reality action filled first person shooter that lets players take on the role of a SWAT trooper and deal with terrorist situations. 

Play solo or team with your friends with the coop multiplayer mode.

Duty calls! You’re put in the middle of the action. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. Together with a SWAT team you will have to deal with the situation and take care of the terrorists. Your mission is cristal clear: finish off all hostile elements and keep your teammates and hostages alive. 

Be aware of your ammunition and take cover while reloading your gun or you will be exposed and is over: maybe you see the bullet comming, maybe you didn’t, but the terrorist got away and your partners now have the unpleasant task of giving the bad news to your nearest relative.

You got the highest rates at the academy, it’s time to prove it!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
TagsArcade, Co-op, FPS, Multiplayer, Oculus Quest, Virtual Reality (VR)


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CrisisVrigade_Quest_beta_1.20.apk 1 GB


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HTTPS://CDN.SIDEQUESTVR.COM/FILE/363888/CX_FILE_EXPLORER_BASE.APK https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cxinventor.file.explorer&pli=1 ttk




HTTPS://CDN.SIDEQUESTVR.COM/FILE/363888/CX_FILE_EXPLORER_BASE.APK sorry it wasn't yet butterfly please

so so yes https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1Plr1fzdpbV96-hfnndfdBge_l9aQewFi&export=download

First I want to say, thank you for Crisis VRigade on the Quest!  I'm a long-time player and it remains one of my favorite games!

Second, I have a few questions - I have a Quest, not a Quest 2:
 1) Crisis VRigade has 2 levels - it says there are more to come... but more did not come.
 2) Crisis VRigade / Quest keeps telling me to update, but Update Now never works.  Is there a way to get the latest version?
 3) I saw there was a Crisis VRigade 2 that worked on the Quest - but that has been replaced by Crisis Brigade 2 - which only runs on the Quest 2.  Is there a way to get the last version of Crisis VRigade 2, so I can play it on the Quest?

Thank you very much!


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The payment was made twice with the same card for $5.99 and 590 Japanese yen. what should i do.

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It's a crisis game, 590 yen in Japanese currency April 20 11:57 payment Another payment of $5.99 with the same card The payment was made twice on April 20 at 09:28 minutes. what should i do

$5.99 Cancellation of only card details paid on April 20th, 9:28pm How can I get a refund?

I first purchased this game on my MacBook Cyber Quest at 9:28 in the morning with a credit card payment, but I was successful in downloading Oculus. However, it did not run on the Oculus body. therefore

After several attempts, I paid for the same account twice with the same card at 11 :57 am on my iPhone smartphone Oculus Japanese account.

I thought that if I paid once, it would be restored in the same account, but as a result, I paid twice.

Sorry to hear this, but this seems more an itch.io related question than a Crisis VRigade one. PM with the account details an I'll see if I can do something about it.

thank you.


How can I to claim my oculus key?

Go to your purchases and select "Download" on Crisis VRigade - there you can claim your Oculus key which you then can redeem at https://secure.oculus.com/redeem-code/

I am not able to play on my oculus quest 2 for some reason

I already own this but when i upgraded to quest 2 it is no longer inMy library. Where do I go to get all the games I side loaded into this thing?


any chance of providing App Lab keys like the other devs have done?

We're keeping both versions (itch.io and App Lab) up to date. The itch.io version it's the latest one uploaded, and future updates will come to both platforms as well.

This still isn't ideal, as the game gets forgotten, hidden away in the Unknown Sources menu, and without the nice icon display.

Having it installed via App Lab makes it show up in the game menus like any other and imo is a much more professional appearance.

It doesn't matter how up to date the Unknown Sources version is if I rarely go in there, especially with App Lab now starting to offer a wider range of games. Tbh, I'd probably have put more than a cursory few games into Crisis VRigade if it wasn't so hidden.

It's the sort of game my wife excels at in the arcade, but she's not going to rummage round an odd backwater text menu when there are more accessible games to choose.

Honestly, I'm slightly surprised you weren't among the first to offer App Lab keys given the reputation of your game.

I tried this game when you originally offered it for free on sidequest.  I later bought it on itch.io to offer my support of your game.  The applab version of the game has several advantages over side loading it in addition to being listed along with the other apps.  Updates are able to be installed automatically in the applab version.  I would instead need to check here regularly to see if there is an update and then go through the hassle of hooking my quest up to my PC, downloading and sideloading.

Offering applab keys to those of us that supported you by buying your game when it was offered for free would be a great way to say thank you. Based on the process that I went through to get applab keys for two other itch.io games, it seemed like it was set up for them to easily do.

Hello I bought this on sidequest now that I can get it through the Oculus store is there a way I could get it without buying it again?

Sorry, for my late reply (missed this one). There is no need for the Ocullus Store version as we're keeping both versions (itch.io and App Lab) up to date. The itch.io version it's the latest one uploaded, and future updates will come to both platforms as well.


I downloaded the CrisisVrigade without being logged in when it was free. Can I still use that version as not it is not free anymore? Please answer me. I suppose that yes, but the onlt limitation is that with the version I have so far I wouldn't have any further updates and no support?

Thank You

You've described it perfectly. Didn't know that you can download without being logged :(

Please reply with clear answer - can we still play the game that was downloaded for free from itch.io official site?

I plan to buy the game, but little later.

For free games there was no way to assign the game other than add it to collections what I did.

If you downloaded the game before you should be able to download it again, but that's up to itch.io policies. I think it's like buying a game at a Steam sale, and then having it in your library to play whenever you want. 
If you're asking that if you have the apk: yes! you can we still play the game that was downloaded for free from itch.io official site.

Maybe I'm not understanding what the problem is here.

Thank You! I will then play the downloaded apk version and later buy the CrisisVrigade2 as it seems to be worthy. Thank You for the effort and for great games.

Hello Devs, 

I got a question about updates, do I need to buy it again on app lab or just keep that version?

We'll keep on updating on both platforms, so no need to buy it again on App Lab to get update

Can anyone confirm if the multiplayer mode is crossplay with PSVR? I see articles that say it is, but am wondering if that update actually rolled out last spring. Thanks.

Yes it is. Crossplay between all platforms that is available

Awesome. Thanks! You should promote that. There are very few games that are crossplay between PSVR and Quest (only Rec Room and this!)


I also played for a long time, when it went up paid, i snatched it up. Is there a way to do cross buy between applab and itch?

By mistake I deleted le App and now I aam obliged to restart from ZERO (the bank) when I was already at the third level. Port Hambush is not an easy task, so it will be difficult for me to reach the third level again, and this is frustrating. There is the possibiliity to jump diretcly there? Thanks a lot. By teh way: the version 2 is really fantastic.


I would love an option that lets you restart at the current scene rather than restarting the whole game. It gets super frustrating (and annoying) to replay the first few scenes over and over and over again just to get to the scene that kicks your ass. 

I want the option to restart the current scene so I can actually figure it out and get good at it. Then I can go back and try to beat the game in one shot (roguelike).

I got frustrated having to start at square one and lost interest. It just stopped being fun. Giving players the option of resuming instead of restarting will broaden its appeal for sure.

There are a few ways to implement this that preserve the essence of the brutal roguelike challenge:

1. When resuming the scene, you start with the same loadout of weapons and ammo that you came in with. So you MAY need to start at the beginning of the game and get better so you get to the later scenes with the ammo you need to win.

2. Use achievements/badges to reward the player. Some of those achievements will only be unlocked in roguelike mode. Maybe each scene comes with two achievements: one for finishing it and you also get the second one if you finished it in roguelike mode. That way you satisfy both styles of gamers and increase replayability.

CV1 not being cross-buy and the mandatory roguelike play mode are the two things holding me back from dropping $20 on CV2 right now.


I paid for this game on the Oculus store when I owned a Rift. Will it be cross-buy once it comes out on the Quest store?

It was free for a long period of time and I downloaded and installed it on my Quest. Now it is paid version. Am I still allowed to play the free version that I downloaded and installed previously?

Hi kkuzmapl,

I think that if the game is in your itch.io library you can still download it and the upcoming updates free of charge. Could you verify? Thanks in advance.

Hello, there is no CrisisVrigade in my library. I downloaded it without being logged, but added it to my collection.  I also think, that free games couldn't be assigned to accounts, just the games that were bought or that were discounted as free.

Should I then uninstall it from my Quest then? Am I allowed to play version 1.19 forever and will get updates only after I buy the game?

Thank You for the response and for the outstanding games.

I am curious too. I'm in the same situation here. Do i have to uninstall this unless i purchase now?


I suppose that we are all allowed to play this game but won't get any further updates or support. After all the game was free for all this time without time constraints. I am still patiently waiting for the response. I will still buy it fro AppLabs for convenience, but until then I would like to play it from time to time legally


I bought the game previously and surprisingly enough when i heard the new App Lab, i decided id check out what it was about. the first thing i did was come to Itch.io to make sure my purchases were still confirmed so i guess i may have to pay more or something..

The App Lab version is the same as the itch.io and we'll keep on updating it on both platforms


Has there been an update or something this, yesterday?


Oh darn. I literally just purchased on itch, after buying a copy on psvr i couldn't play just to support dev when sideload for Quest was only option. is there a way to get it on App Lab without buying a third time?

Love this game. Been following it from release. I installed the latest version and for the first time managed to unlock the second mission. Speaking of which, minor constructive crit, I was surprised that shooting the pilot of the helicopter didn't crash it. I grok that you're pushing the single solution of the RPG at the end, but that felt weird. Perhaps multiple approaches, or making it impossible to shoot the pilot would increase the immersion of that particular moment. Keep up the great work! 


Hi, is there a way to get this game through Oculus new App Lab without having to buy it again? Thank you :)


Interested as well considering I already bought it twice (Rift version to support Quest development and again when it came to itch.io).

do you have to use vr?

This is a great addition to my game set for my Quest 2.  I love this game...cannot stop playing it..


I can't get it to download for some reason

i tryed playin this game it said where do u want to open this fille and... i put it on zoom for a joke and now i cant install it. can anybody help?


Use app SideQuest or VRsideloader ,

see : https://uploadvr.com/sideloading-quest-how-to/

this is basic guide to help you ..

I got my Quest 2 over the weekend, and ended up playing this for 2 hours. The next days my legs turned into jelly, but I'm dying to jump back in and carry on. I LOVE the fact that you need to shift around to get into cover, and gives the game such a dynamic feel. I ended up buying it on steam as well, looking forward to getting the sequel too. I did however run into problems trying to play multiplayer - both via SideQuest and on Steam. As soon as I "start" a game the screen fade to black and never loads the level. After a while I can shoot and reload, but other than that there are no sound effects/music.

I have the game installed on my Quest 2 but can only launch it through sidequest when my headset is linked to my PC. I cannot find the game anywhere on my quest 2.

Go to apps, click the box in The upper right corner scroll down to unknown sources

Great game on Quest 2.  Can't wait for the port of #2 to come.

Super hard, but always want to play one more game.   :)

does it really need quest because I dont want to pay for that and I also have a vr with an xbox conroller

how do i play

I paid for it and I cannot install the game through SideQuest. It says : 
"INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.sumalab.CrisisVRigade signatures do not match the previously installed ver... " 
Do you know how can I solve that issue? plz 
Thank you all 


I believe that means you should uninstall the previous version. I'm unsure if that means you lose any high scores or progress so only uninstall if you're cool with starting over.

Hey thank you for your answer. 
I realised that it worked anyway so it's ok ;-)

Do you really need VR for this?

i think so

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I've been playing this with a friend on Quest co-op, and it's amazing. I love the visual style and... basically everything about it. The sequel looks a little less like my kind of thing, but I've got a *teeny* wish for this version: I'd love to be able to see me and my friend's scores and kills either in real time, or pop up at the end of each section.

It'd keep things nice and competitive. We're always unsure who did most damage until after we've both died.

Does this one support 3 player or more players?

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